Nautical, Coastal, & Tropical Interior Design Ideas


There are many different interior design styles, and their names will often give you a good idea of what that style will look like. Some, on the other hand, are not very self-explanatory if you aren't familiar with design terms. Over the next few weeks, our blogs will take a look at a few of the more popular interior design styles. That way, when you come into John Elliott Interiors in Lake Ozark to shop for your home's new look, you will have a better idea about where you want to begin looking.

We decided to begin with a popular lake area style. Many people flock to the Lake of the Ozarks for vacation every year due to their love of boating and the outdoors. Quite a few of those same people decide to make this beautiful spot in the Midwest their new home, or at least their second home.

Their love of the lake often inspires the desire to design a house that reflects that love for the water and everything surrounding it. The three following design styles are a wonderful way to achieve that. 

A nautical interior design is warm, relaxing, and exudes an uplifting positivity. It brings everything that you love about boating indoors. Blue and white are primarily used, and accent colors of red or yellow look wonderful paired with them.

For decoration, items associated with being out on the water are perfect, such as shells, lanterns, paddles, and life preservers. Jute rope, like the type sailors would use, makes a wonderful accent decoration that adds texture to the design. Unfinished woods work well, and driftwood fits the style perfectly. Wall art depicting life on the water or a nautical map is a wonderful touch to add too.

This type of style is inspired by an oceanside setting. The colors are light and airy, most often using cool neutral shades with blues and greens. This color scheme is pulled from the water, sand, and palm trees. Plush white furniture is popular, or possibly beige. Many of the same decorative elements can be used as with a nautical style. The room should give off a relaxed and comfortable feeling, like the feeling of laying on the beach during a long vacation.

A tropical design style is also beach-inspired, but instead of the pastel tones of a coastal look, this one brings in the vibrant shades of deep green palm leaves and brightly colored tropical flowers. It is inspired by the beaches you would find in Hawaii, French Polynesia, and other tropical destinations. Prints used on rugs and upholstery are big and bold, and thatched or wicker furniture fits in perfectly with this look.

As we mentioned earlier, these types of design styles are popular in the lake area because there are so many people living here that are extremely fond of the "lake life." Our Lake of the Ozarks interior designers are experts at this type of style, but they are equally as impressive at multiple other design styles too. No matter what your personal style is, you are sure to find something to fit it perfectly in our luxury furniture store. Tell us what you love, and we will help you find it. 

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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