5 Accessories That Add Interest and Beauty to the Top of Your Coffee Table


A coffee table often becomes a piece of furniture that quickly gathers the clutter of everyone living in the home. Not only is this displeasing to the eye, it also hides that gorgeous table you found at our Lake of the Ozarks home interiors store

If you take the time to stage a small scene with decorative accessories on the top of your coffee table, this could help to discourage people from leaving random items laying around, and it will give your home a more pleasant and inviting overall look. John Elliott Interiors has a few ideas for the accessories you may want to use. They can be purely decorative, possibly showing off a part of a collection or providing an interesting conversation piece, they can be functional items that come in handy in the room, or even better, a mixture of both. 

Stacks of Books
Using accessories of different heights can help to guide a person's eye and add interest to the overall decor on your coffee table. Stacks of books used as bases to hold other display items lets you do this, plus it keeps interesting reading material close at hand. It's also easy to switch out the books with others from your collection whenever you feel like it without changing the overall display too much.  

A wonderful way to contain a portion of your coffee table display is to use trays to hold the accessories. They can help to give your room a less cluttered look. This also allows items to quickly and easily be removed from the table if you need more open space, and the tray can come in handy if you are serving refreshments to guests.  

Pops of Color
Coffee table displays are the perfect place to add interesting pops of color that can be switched out easily whenever your mood or the season changes. It's best to stick to a unified color palette so that all of the items used appear as if they were meant to be displayed together. For smaller rooms, white accessories offer a clean, bright palette that can help to open up the room, plus they will always work well with any pops of color you choose to add.  

Natural Elements   
In addition to color, texture is an excellent tool to use to bring interest to your interior design. Natural elements are perfect for this. Accessories made of wood, glass jars holding collections of stones or seashells, or even a tabletop fountain will work well for this. Potted plants and freshly cut floral arrangements fall into this category too.    

Another excellent way to incorporate accessories of different heights is to add a cluster of candles of various sizes. They allow you to add color, and when lit, give an inviting and warm glow to the room. Using scented candles also gives you the chance to affect the overall ambiance. 

Ultimately, you want to create a look on your coffee table that stands alone as a beautiful area in the room, yet still works cohesively with the overall interior design. The first step is to pick out the perfect coffee table from our vast collection at John Elliott Interiors. Once that's done, our talented interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you find the gorgeous accessories that will decorate that table to reflect your personal style. 

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