Get Your Home Ready for Back to School Season


It's amazing to think that the summer has already begun to come to a close, and that it's time to welcome fall and the back to school season. Getting back to school can have quite the effect on your home as routines change and your family dynamic adjusts to the change of season and schedule. It's time to take a few minutes to think about the next few months and make sure that your home is operating within your lifestyle to create a more peaceful and welcoming environment, and at John Elliott Interiors, we have a few ideas for you.

Create Designated Study Spaces

With a new school season comes new homework, and most likely MORE homework than there was last year. Help get your kids in gear, and also show them that you are interested and invested in their life by creating designated study spaces around your home. If they'll be working on homework while you fix dinner, you can set up a desk with all of their study supplies nearby so when they have questions you're there to answer. If they need peace and quiet while they study, you can set up their space in a quieter part of the home to ensure they can give it their best. Try to keep the space clear of distractions like technology, and filled with items that inspire creativity.

Organize Closets

A new school season generally means a new wardrobe as well. Not only will you need to weed through their clothes to find the pieces that got worn through over the summer, but you maybe even have to take out the items they outgrew. Once the unnessecary items have been removed, it's time to replace them with new pieces. Have you ever thought of a wardrobe capsule for your kids? It's a great way to give them plenty of creative options, while limiting their pieces to a smaller number - meaning less mess and chaos in the closet.

Prepare a Lunch Packing Station

Lunches will now be a daily task, so make it easier on yourself by setting everything up in one spot. Keep the storage containers, lunch boxes, utensils, and to-go cups at the ready in a cabinet along with snacks, lunch foods, and more. Make packing healthy lunches easy by keeping everything in easy to reach places in your kitchen.

Get Out the Door Easier

Does this scene sound familiar? You were supposed to be in the car and pulling out of the driveway five minutes ago, but one kid can't find his shoes, the other can't find her homework, and you can't find your keys! Don't let morning chaos take control of your day - set up a system to help. Get an organizing bench for your entryway for garage hallway, hooks on the wall for keys, and baskets for shoes. Think through your morning routine, and do whatever you need to to help streamline your habits.

Prepare for School Paperwork

School season will bring a whole new meaning to hectic, and while you're busy with school schedules, sports activities, and managing your own schedule, it can be incredible the amount of paperwork that can accumulate around your home. You know the spot we're talking about, it's the spot in your home where papers magically accumulate - ALL of them. School work, report cards, bills and mail. Everything. Find a way to make a system that can catch all of this paperwork and organize it before it has the chance to over run your home.

Interior Designing at the Lake of the Ozarks

Now that the kids are back to school, it's time to take control of your home (after a whole summer of the kids living in it full time) and make it the beautiful space it was before. Need new accessories for your home design at the Lake of the Ozarks? What about modern furniture to update your space and give it a fresh look for the fall and winter season? We have everything you need and look forward to helping you create a cozy home for your family. We hope you have a great kick-off to the school season and that this fall is teh best school year yet.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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