Creating a Kid Friendly Home


When you're in the parenting phase, it can be easy to let go of your home and focus on the kids. Yet, if you long to be surrounded by beauty and style, it can be hard to let go of this part of your life. You don’t have to, and with a little bit of planning, you can create a home that is filled with beauty, yet also kid friendly for your family. Here are a few ways you can incorporate kid-friendly themes into your home, and how John Elliott Interiors can assist!

Consider the Style of the Furniture

You want to look for furniture styles that won’t be impossible to clean later on. This means you may need to sacrifice on ornate wooden details on your couch and chairs. You may also want to look for certain pieces that aren’t covered in sharp or hard edges as little heads tend to run into those. Keep in mind that furniture with skirts are also harder to keep clean as they attract dust and pet hair, making your space look dirtier than it is.

Think About Materials & Finishes

When choosing the material for your furniture, you can create something with class, but that is still perfect for you child and family. Look for heavier fabrics with a flat weave. These tend to hold up better than looped or lightweight fabrics. Do you want a tip for finding the perfect material? If you run your hand over it, and it makes a lot of noise, it will have better durability. If it’s quieter it will require more work to maintain.

Create Your Design Around How You Live

Truly look at your space, and decide what you need it for. Do you need a living room where the family can get together and enjoy watching a movie together but also combine that with a playroom? Then realistically look at your space and find a way to make both happen while still staying organized and stylish.

Create a Space for Kids

It’s important to create a space where your kids can be kids. You’ll find that even at our home interiors store at the Lake of the Ozarks, we’ve set aside a spot in our store where your kids can play and have fun! You can still stay organized in this space, though, but utilizing cabinets, cubbies, and shelves for their belongings.

Don’t Sacrifice on Accessories (Just Put Them Up High)

Just because you have young kids that like to pull things off of shelves, and play with your fragile decorations doesn’t mean you can’t have them. It just means you have to put them up high where they can’t reach them. If you have space above your kitchen cabinets, that may be the ideal location to display your antique china from your grandmother. If you have knick knacks that you’ve gotten from traveling, place them up on the shelf in your bookcase. You can still have these items, and with a little strategic planning still be able to display them as well.

Your Home with Design In Mind

You will have at least a decade or more where your young children will be running through your home. Don’t sacrifice those years because you think that decorating is pointless. We can help you create a space that is beautiful and still kid friendly. You’re going to need quality furniture to get you through this season, and we know just where to get it! Stop by our furniture store at the Lake of the Ozarks to talk with one of our Lake of the Ozarks interior decorators and get started today!

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