Set the Mood with Lighting


Imagine your home with candles lit, a beautiful setting on your dining room table, soft music playing - and all of your lights turned on high. Lighting can make or break the tone you set for your home, and nobody knows that better than your local interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks. What better time to talk about mood lighting than around Valentine's Day? Here at John Elliott Interiors, we have a few ideas to help you set the mood with your lighting.

The Proper Use of Lighting

Did you know that the temperature of color can make a huge difference when creating a romantic mood? If you think of a sunrise or a sunset, the sun is at it's "warmest" color. Red or soft pink bulbs can change the atmosphere of your space. Just avoid cool colors like white or bluish light, you want to keep the light on the warm end of the spectrum.

Another thing to consider is the contrast of the lighting. You don't want to create harsh transitions between light and dark. Instead, you'll want to create smooth transitions. If most of the room is in the shadows, the focal point should be where the people will be in the room, like in the dining room, it would be just around the table.

Dim the Lights

One of the easiest ways you can improve your space is by having a dimming switch installed. Dimming the lights can set the perfect mood for any space quickly. You can get dimming switches for your overhead lights, or even some to plug into an outlet for your lamps.

Filtered Lighting

If you wanted to add a hint of luxury to your lighting - look for fixtures with white, silky accents. As the light filters through, it can create a romantic ambiance in your space. You don't need new ceiling fixtures to accomplish filtered lighting, either. A table or floor lamp could do the trick.


There's something romantic that happens the minute you light a candle. The way the flames dance around the room and provide the perfect glow are perfect when creating a romantic mood. Turn on a few lamps, light a few candles, and voila! Your mood is set.

Accent Lamps

Small lamps can be the perfect addition to your space when you want to create a romantic ambiance. Not only can they set the mood with lighting, but they are easy to change out when you want to adjust to a new style for your space.

Interior Design at the Lake of the Ozarks

Whether you need to set the mood with the best lighting or re-invent your entire space, we can help. John Elliott Interiors will design new or renovate existing spaces, from top to bottom in your home. With over fifteen key partners John Elliott Interiors can do the ‘whole shebang’. Whether you need granite custom cabinets, audio-visual, high-end appliances, flooring, window treatments, painting, and faux painting. Whatever your interior needs, we can handle it quick, easy and right for you.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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