A Bedroom Fit For Winter Guests


A new year has arrived, which means now is the time to conquer the home design projects on your to-do list. If your home is a hot spot for entertaining, consider upgrading the guest rooms with a trendy makeover for 2017. Hosting guests in your home this winter should be fun and stress-free, and John Elliott Interiors is here to help you create a warm and inviting spare bedroom your guests will love. Here are some cold-weather inspired design trends that will turn any lackluster bedroom into a cozy space for winter.

Chilly-Weather Inspiration

To put your spare bedroom to good use for winter guests, just look outside - winter itself can be a great inspiration. From the icy blue and white of the sky to the branches and bark of the visible trees, consider wrapping your room in touches of winter. Add blue bed coverings and window treatments and incorporate a vase of branches or twigs on the bedside tables. Metallics and nature-inspired details work well in accents like throw pillows and candles.

Rustic Hospitality

We're seeing rustic accents used to add winter warmth to interiors, bring the trend into your guest bedroom by adding country style accessories to your room. Bring in an iron bed and cover it in warm flannel. Add trendy menswear fabrics in the way of pillows and throws - a playful mix of antique patterns and textures throughout the room will envelope your guests in warmth.

Luxurious Layers

When the winter chill sets in, we layer sweaters with jackets and jackets with scarves. Similarly, layering textiles on your bed and furniture will cozy up any winter-inspired bedroom during the colder months. Ensure your guests stay extra-warm by layering blankets at the foot of the bed. Think, cable-knit blankets and soft cashmere throws.

Silver for the Season

For a glamorous touch, bring on the silver. From chrome hardware on your furniture to elegantly displayed mirrors, silver brilliantly reflects the winter light coming in through the windows and adds sparkle and style to your sophisticated guest room.

Winter Wonderland with Artwork

Add causal elegance to your guest room with a collection of framed artwork reflective of the season. Photographs, prints or paintings of winter landscapes will create a focal point that is to the point...and that is creating a winter wonderland your guests will enjoy.

To put a fresh, cold-weather spin on your guest bedroom, use winter as your inspiration. Whether you want to add a few accessories or do a floor-to-ceiling makeover with touches of winter, John Elliott Interiors will be your guide. Our Lake of the Ozarks interior designers are full of ideas to turn your guest room (or master suite) into a warm and trendy haven.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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