5 Ways To Transform Your Home With Accent Pieces


Have you always wanted to make a statement with your home decor? If you have your eye on an accent piece but fear it may be more "statement" than you can handle, don't be afraid to buy it. There's always a way to make even the most eye-catching decor work in your home. So if you love it, go for it. At John Elliott Interiors you're sure to find those statement pieces that help make your home a polished place that reflects your style. We make decorating homes our business and understand the importance of stocking something for everyone. Accent furniture should fit your lifestyle and compliment the existing pieces in your home.You can transform any room in your house with just a few great pieces, and John Elliott Interiors is here to help. To create balance with accent pieces consider these tips and tricks and you can have the picturesque home you've always envisioned.


If acquiring a bold, eye-catching piece is just something you're beginning to think of, try starting with something like end tables in the living room or bedside tables in the bedroom. Accent furniture doesn't have to be large in size or make a giant visual impact. You can start small! Small additions can bring new life to drab rooms and can start the transition, if you're not ready to make a big change. Of course, if you're ready for prominent alterations, go for it! A unique living room sofa or dining room table may be a good place to start. 


Do you have a style or are you in the process of discovering it? A great way to go bold with an accent piece, is to choose something that is completely different than your "go to" style. If your home is traditional, consider a bohemian twist with a unique rug or painted table. If your home is modern, bring something intricate or antique into the mix to change the room's dynamic in a positive way. There are lots of styles we could mention but by intermingling two different styles, you're adding a personal touch to your space, further defining your taste and design. 


It's easy to get in a rut with color. If you have an ivory sofa, chances are the room boasts a lot of beige and neutral accents. You can give that room a fresh look by adding a piece with color. You'll be surprised what a huge difference a pop of color makes. Choose a color you've always liked but have hesitated to incorporate. Be daring and step back and see the difference. Remember, you don't have to stop at color, go further by mixing color AND pattern into your decor theme.


If color and pattern are something you've already done, think about introducing accent pieces with texture. Rooms heavy with upholstery and wood may need a touch of metallics. For rooms that feel more industrial, an overstuffed chair and ottoman could create a balance of comfort and style. It may sound contradictory, but incorporating accent pieces of a different genre will highlight the primary pieces you already have and create an unexpected texture that you'll love.


This may be one of the most important tips in the lot. There's a place for accent furniture in every room, but you may want to consider the overall look of the home before you start buying. You don't want to disrupt the existing harmony of your decor, so take a visual inventory and focus on the house as a whole versus one room at a time. This may be the time to consult your local design experts at John Elliott Interiors. Our team is trained and effective when choosing accent pieces to transform your home. We love the challenge of helping interpret and define our client's personal style!

With over 24,000 square feet of furnishings, plants and accessories, you can be certain, the perfect accent pieces to transform your home can be found at John Elliott Interiors. Just when you thought that was all, there's more. From custom cabinets and granite to window treatments and high-end appliances, our experts can do it all. Contact the professional Lake of the Ozarks design team at John Elliott Interiors to transform your home from drab to glam! Call, 573-365-7057 to get started. 

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